What We Do

Our Process

So-Core guides companies to find solutions to their critical everyday and long-term challenges. Our qualified experts, each with a specialized proficiency, understand how sustainable development creates relevant and profitable business strategies.

You don’t have to choose to be one or the other, profitable or charitable. Gone are the days of turning a fiscal profit while turning a blind eye to its social and environmental implications. We work on business performance, that provides our client’s a competitive edge by becoming relevant for customers and society.

We embrace business challenges, navigate complexity, and improve responsible business behavior.

How We Do It

We align skills and capabilities to customize a team that will develop strategies to capture growth opportunities and resource advantages.

By using strategic and commercial insight we quickly learn our clients' needs, and our experience allows us to guide customers to understand how to best integrate sustainability strategies as a key element into their company's DNA.

Our Process

Conduct broad-scale market research to analyze and understand the industry climate and market failures, review your internal assets, and operational processes
Identify, prioritize, and present unique opportunities for impact
Customize a comprehensive strategy to align fiscal and sustainability goals
Integrate social and environmental impact initiatives to scale with purpose
Align external messaging with internal objectives to strengthen stakeholder engagement; internal and external stakeholders
Develop relevant KPIs, company benchmarks, and evaluation reviews.
Community Enrichment
Community Building
Company Action
Individual Action