Culture & Values

Meet Our Team

Our team is built on a global partnership (Hui) of business experts. The origin of the word Hui is Hawaii which means partnership. We are a united group of passionate individuals who partnered as a collective to help businesses compete in a world where societal and environmental values are becoming the requisite to succeed.

What’s at the core of our Hui is trust, integrity, and inclusivity.

At Our Core


We operate in a mindset of abundance, sustainable growth, and collaboration.


We actively create a safe place to act as sounding boards, encourage conversation, and cultivate opportunities by sharing wins and challenges that allow fresh minds and smart thinking to deliver the best for our clients and each other.


We commit to being honest, ethical, and transparent with our clients and one another. We respect the confidence of our clients, teammates, and external partners. We support community values contributing to sustainable thinking and practices.


We enthusiastically seek ways to engage
with unique individuals, our clients, non-profits,
and universities to connect with our Hui. Our collective experiences, skills, and perspectives
contribute to the best outcomes during the
sustainability journey with our clients and each

Our Vision

So-Core aspires to better our world and leverage our collective potential for growth where companies and organizations support long term change with sustained action.