Our Collaborators

Take Action

We believe in collective growth, we turn good human intentions and business intentions into collective sustained action.

That is why we collaborate with those that are putting good intentions into sustained action for our society and our enviornment.

Take Action

“My drive and purpose in contributing to better our planet was re-awakened in me after an 18-month adult gap year. I spent this time traveling the globe working on mango farms in Fiji and sponsoring an educational program with Fiji Eco Park. I joined a volunteer mission mentoring women in business in Indonesia, and I immersed myself in partnering with agroforestry projects in Brazil. I met with sustainability professionals in Auckland, New Zealand and invested in seaweed farms in Chile and Brazil for aquaculture.”

After really listening to what society had to say across the globe, I knew I was going to be part of the paradigm shift to raise global sustainability consciousness. - , Managing Director

Music 2 Heal the Earth

One day the Universe conspired, and I met Lainie and Howard Wulkan. A brilliant husband/wife team focused on music, media, and communications. We recognized we had something powerful in common; a strong emphasis to work on projects contributing to positive social and environmental impact. We instantly jived. One year later, we are rocking the Music2HealtheEarth project.

M2Heal will honor those organizations that are making strides in their communities with a portion of all album and awareness concert proceeds.

Custom Education Foundation

The Custom Education foundation was founded in 2006 by a group of educators, professionals and practitioners who recognized a growing deficit in the amount of resources available to individuals with developmental disorders.

Creating a path for individuals on the autism spectrum through scholarships, events, and partnerships in the community all assisting them in reaching their full potential.

Kids in Focus

Kids In Focus is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering and inspiring at-risk youth to reach their potential using photography to ignite their imagination and build their sense of confidence and value.

Tapping into the power and universal language of photography, Kids In Focus enables children to gain a new perspective on themselves and their environment. The kids’ eyes are opened to their own potential for creativity and success and to new possibilities of connecting with others and the world.

Sitio Agro-Ecologico

Brazils brillant and incredible Eco-Farm. Ze Ferreira, farmer and environmentalist has built and lived for the past 30 years on his eco-farm.

At this farm, a completely different way of life is demonstrated, where guests can learn about sustainable rainforest farming (agroforestry) and find out more about the Forgotten Rainforest of Brazil, the Atlantic Rainforest. This amazing site is a self-sufficient, sustainable, organic farm that is only accessible by trail up into the mountains.