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Our Strategy Practice

Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility isn’t the same thing as giving away your profit.
We act as both your internal sustainability project management team and your facilitator. We offer knowledge, humor, and a keen edge of creativity. We do more than show you the right path, we guide you through the entire journey.

Our Approach

So-Core creates fresh communication ideas that engage your company's human capital.

By distilling our findings into targeted actions we help our client's define their CSR initiatives and sustainability strategy that garner real results.

We do more
show you
the right
we guide
you through the
entire journey.

We do more
than show you
the right path,
we guide you through the entire journey.

Our Strategy Practice

Our Strategy Practice

Committed Fearless Transparent

So-Core is committed to solutions that inspire deep, enduring human connections, bold approaches, and generate powerful, sustainable outcomes.

We believe that doing good is part of doing business.

- Sustainability & Value Workshops: We facilitate workshops that are designed to introduce & educate employees on sustainability benefits, identify sustainability champions within your staff and asses company culture. You are provided insights and an action plan. We also provide graphic recording, a visual processes improving problem solving effectiveness.

- Strategy: We define, build, and implement sustainability strategy, CSR initiatives, and company core values. We assess business needs, adopt a variety of approaches to each business goal, and then customize strategies built around company goals. Our sustainability strategies are holistic in approach to include improved employee engagement, company culture, employee retention and vendor & customer relations.

- Energy and Waste Audits: Our audits are designed to identify areas of cost savings that include, landfill diversion opportunities, corporate tax breaks for energy (vary by state), water use savings solutions and streamlined purchasing. We provide you with insights, next steps, and on occasion turn your waste into revenue.

- Supply Chain and Manufacturing Management: We review supplier code of conduct, evaluate, audit and integrate sustainability into your new vendor evaluation process. We develop clear expectations for social compliance meeting international best practices: health, safety, wages, benefits and forced labor.

- Social Responsibility: Identify and establish non-profit partnerships that are in alignment with deep-seeded company values. We work with you to develop volunteer and donation programs.

- Corporate Wellness: Tailor-designed programs to improve company culture, elevate employee productivity, and increase employee health & happiness. We evaluate work space environments providing solutions that inspire productivity, restore energy levels and reduce stress.

- Technology Solutions: We act as your review board and analyze software and technology solutions that can provide you a more beneficial impact in your operations including efficiency, improved productivity, and a competitive advantage. We also offer website development / updates and app development.

- Stewardship: We guide you through the B-Corp certification process, including reviews of environmental policies, social codes of conduct and overseeing your audits.

- Marketing Strategy and Campaign Development: We will develop your strategy, design your campaign, and, if needed support you in its implementation. We offer web design, advertising layouts, infographics & illustration, creative direction, social media strategy, and digital content review.

- Strategic Alliances: We identify co-branding opportunities, new market opportunities via partnerships and product innovation.

Make Every Employee
A Sustainability Champion